Play wiff me, Snork! (OK. I dent say hump me. JFTR)


A Gita HoWWoWoWoWL. \|/

Sunset at West Dennis Beach, Mass.

OK GO with (fur)FRIENDS

Milton Rest In Peace 8.9.2011

Milton, you were the first kittyhead I ever knew. You were the first kittyhead my Mom ever loved. You taught me who was rilly da boss. You taught my Momma dat she could love a kittyhead. Thank you for coming into our lives. You left us way too soon. We love you. Please watch over all of our furry family and friends. I promised Auntie April I will sleep wiff you at night and play wiff you in my dreams. I know you’ll be very busy watching your favorite TV show, Jack Hanna’s ‘Animal Adventures’, on your giant big screen, but maybe I could be your Tree and you will ride on my back; I won’t be afraid and you won’t punch my lockpicker nose. ~yub, Gita 


I love car rides.

It’s about all I’m allowed to do these days. Every time I ask to do sumpin, da answer is: ‘It’s too HOT for puppies!’. I don’t rilly like dat answer. Jis sayin, Mom

I wanna do dis wiff my Annie Apwil!


courtesy of GoPro Camera

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